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Our mission is to promote environmental stewardship and a larger appreciation of our urban forests through the utilization of locally felled Texas hardwoods. We are a sustainable, low waste company, using only trees salvaged by our tree service in everything we make. We use it all. If it’s not a table, the wood is used in utensils, cutting boards, firewood and also the mulch we blend to build soil for the next generation of urban forests. We are made in Texas by Texans.

Sustainable. Functional. Beautiful.

Jenni Urbanczyk

Urban Tree Company is proudly a Woman Owned Business in San Antonio Texas. If it's a spoon, it's likely Jenni made it. If you're reading this, its likely Jenni wrote it. She is the design and vibe responsible for Urban Tree Company. She enjoys sharing her love for the unique grain and inherent beauty of Texas hardwoods. Pecan, walnut, Texas Oak, Sycamore... we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing hardwoods of Texas and would love to share our design and tree knowledge with you. "Let's make a slab table, some floating shelves, wooden countertops. If it's wood, we can build it."

Steve Barrera

Steve comes with a long and colorful history and expertise in woodworking. Steve has built many a custom cabinet, he can install any sort of wood in a pinch, he's one helluva wood turner and runs our kilns like nobody's business. Steve always has one eye on the wood kilns, as they produce the slabs that are the lifeblood of what we create. When Steve isn't playing Super Dad he can be found jamming old school punk rock and dropping into local half pipes around town.

Kristin Aljoe

Kristin's her name, wood jewelry is her game. Kristin comes form an environmental science background. With an eye for a detail and a knack for twisting wire, Kristin creates our wearable art by hand. Krissy enjoys hiking and martial arts so if you see her on a trail in the Boerne area... run. We appreciate her dedication to sustainability and love for nature and kids and how she honors that intersectionality in everything she does.

Ashley Chickering

Our homesteader from North Carolina, don't hold it against her if she mis pronounces Pecan, she ain't from 'round here. Ashley puts the finishing touches on everything we do, she is Queen of the branding iron and top quality control. Her analytical mind and drive to succeed make her a force in the shop. She is also the face of Urban Tree Company and you will find her at The Pearl Markets on Sundays. Her favorite past times are pickling, prepping and causing trouble. Thank you Ashley!

Mike Martinez

Mike separates the logs from the mulchpile and is in charge of the flow of material from the Tree Service's salvaged logs to the wood shop and kilns. Mike is a real go getter and is not afraid of heavy lifting. Eager to learn and impress his organizational skill helps us all stay on track. With five acres of usable logs: Pecan , Sycamore, Oak, Cypress, Cedar, More Oak...just to name a few, it is no small task and Mike is on top of it.


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