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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Woodworking Shop in San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a tree service and service South and Central Texas. All of the wood we use in the production of goods comes from the removals we do and tree waste we take in. Generally all within 150 miles of San Antonio.

Each tree is evaluated by an lSA Certified Arborist to gauge the usability of your tree. In general, if you have a hardwood tree that is over 30” in diameter we would be interested in seeing photos.

Feel free to send over your information to jenniu@urbantreecompany.com.

We do not remove trees for free.

We are offering finished pieces and slabs of lumber finished with our no VOC finish. We are not selling any raw material at this time.

Use a damp cloth to remove spills or debris, quickly followed by a dry cloth to remove all residual moisture on the surface. Refinishing of the surface is not necessary. We recommend the use of a natural polish with citrus oil and bee’s wax as needed or annually to maintain luster.
  • clean with caution – petroleum based surface cleaners will damage the finish.
  • Use liquid dish soap and water to wash your board and then allow to dry completely.
  • Do not submerge or soak boards and utensils.
  • Don’t wash in dishwasher.
  • Condition seasonally with Urban’s Wood Oil. Use regularly.

We use an oil based hardener/finish. There are no harmful chemicals, solvents, VOC’s, or hardeners in our finishes. We use a food grade finish that penetrates into the wood and locks out moisture, mold and bacteria. Clean with soap and water or gentle vinegar mixture. Refinishing available upon need.